Ari found his way to filmmaking at the age of twelve through his passion skateboarding. By filming his friends and getting filmed himself, he developed a high sensitivity for the esthetics of movements and for the art of moving pictures. After finishing highschool he travelled through different parts of the world, discovering another great passion of his: surfing. His camera was always his companion, he recorded the beauty of nature and interviewed people he met on his way. Soon he decided to dedicate himself to filmmaking.

Six years laters he graduated with a Master in Filmdirecting at the University of Arts in Zurich and a backpack full of experience in various fields and approaches of filmmaking. Since then he spent almost two years in Peru supporting awareness campaigns of the swiss development work through audiovisual projects.

Ari is a very happy fellow, highly motivated and loves working with people. He lives in Zurich with his wife Kat and his son Yacu.

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